Learning new ways to express myself

Well here I am

I procrastinated over whether or not to start a blog as another form of self  expression, here I am giving this a shot for the experience and seeing where it goes, I needed a place to express my views and beliefs on life and also to help express parts of my deep thinking pen to

opaper is good but sharing it with the world can make a difference in the smallest way so here I go embarking on this new project of self expression 

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You can’t run from darkness

Why is it in this day and age during our hard or dark times, we think escaping from reality or the darkness will change us or help us in some way, we run from darknesses, thinking upon return we will be healed and the darkness or reality will be gone.

They may appear to be for a period of time cause our minds have been distracted by an alternate reality or escape, but soon it rears itself from a simple past trigger and before you know it your back to that reality of darkness again.

I can personally speak from experiences, as I’ve been down that path with my demons, bad habits and loneliness and quite often when it manifested rather than face it I would escape the reality of It all through taking a break or going offline thinking that should fix it.

When in fact all I was truly doing was giving power to the darkness and the reality I didnt want to face, allowing it to grow and become more powerful, the more I ran the bigger it got until I realized I had to face these things one by one, embrace these darkness’s walk with them knowing there will be light and once I started doing this I felt healing and inner strength.

You must embrace your darkness, as its apart of your reality, give it acceptance, allow yourself to walk with it into the light and soon you will be healed just trust the journey.

Never forget A plant grows in both dark and light as we do


Don’t take the bait!!




I was once guilty of this I thought I always had to come to my defence if someone was gossiping about me or backstabbing me, but you don’t have to otherwise you are giving away your strength to them and hurting your soul.

Their actions towards you or behind you are a reflection of whom they are not you at all.

Its pride and ego that gets in the way and drives us to have to take the bait because we feel we have something to prove.


 If they’re talking behind your back about you then obviously their not worthy of your friendship forgive them and move on but don’t take their bait.
 Put it if this way its like the fisherman and the fish what happens when the fish takes the bait and hook hes caught up trying to fight his way out of the pain of that hook  that eventually he ends up tired gives up and plays into the fisherman’s hand.
Don’t be that fish.

Know your strength 

Know your beauty and 

Know your worth

You don’t need to need 

We’ve become a society of need
We need love
We need approval
We need money
We need materialistic goods
Thinking all these things bring us true happiness

When we we start to need less of things in life we start to find the more we have inside us the love the approval of ourselves, you don’t need anymore, you already have enough in you start looking within don’t fear what’s within you.

Need of love?

Why are we in need of love????

If your searching for love out there, how true is the love inside you? Are you fearing loving yourself?? That you feel the need to seek love from an outside source in order to feel truly loved ?

If you are seeking and in need of love from an outside source, then perhaps you don’t truly love yourself  or are comfortable with the idea of loving YOU, there’s more than likely a root cause as to why you do and don’t this, which caused you to believe you are not worthy of your own love, so you fear what it would feel like or to do.

So you seek comfort in taking love from others suppressing the fear to love yourself truly and unconditionally.

I quite fondly remember doing similar, because I couldn’t see the value in myself and believe I was truly worthy of loving myself as it may be deemed selfish and non approving from the the people around me, but I realised that I had to love myself within accept myself within in order to know what true love is.

Love, compassion and kindness all starts within YOU and when you start to learn to give it within you and accept it knowing you truly deserve your own love, life will give you the love without even you knowing or needing to figure it out as you are love.

Learn to love within when you are without and love will find you.

Andrew. P

Friend zone myth

Since I’ve been in the dating scene I’ve become quite accustomed to the terminology of “friend zone” 

why do we call it the friend zone?

Its like we’re trying to redefine friendship and relationship so we create this friend zone middle ground to alleviate the fear of being friends perhaps? Or we “friend zone” someone out of fear of relationship?

What are the definitions of friendship and relationship

Definition of friendship

  1. The emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.

  3. 1The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.
  1. When you look at their definitions they’re not much dissimilar in all honesty, if anything the friend zone has  painted the term friendship in a very negative light and with it when “friend zoned” we often let our self worth and self esteem take a hit because of the negative light its created.

I believe we’ve created this friend zone factor to try and build some imaginary gap between friendship and relationship when there really isn’t as every day of your lives your living a form of relationship and friendship be it 

  • At work with colleagues
  • In business with a client
  • Being a parent
  • Being a teacher
  • With friends

All of these are relationships and in essence friendships as well pretty much a friendship is a relationship and a relationship is a friendship.

The only person that is friend zoning you is yourself with your  way of thinking  and you in all honesty are devaluing your true self when you start looking upon friendship as friend zoning, as everyone is worthy of friendships so get rid of the friend zone as it DOESN’T EXIST IT’S A MYTH

What is loneliness?

What I learned this week about actual loneliness compared to feeling lonely


Just remember ladies and lads the feeling of loneliness is far different to the actual physical loneliness,The feeling of Loneliness is a coming together of emotions that build into a feeling of loneliness, we quite often mistake this for actually being physically lonely when truly we are not.


Physical loneliness is something we live every day we got to bed in the company of our physical loneliness we drive a car in the company of physical loneliness if anything we live most of our days in true loneliness which isn’t a bad thing by any means it’s a normality of life we should embrace.
Just remember your never truly lonely or alone there are people here for and around you 

The world as my teacher

As I further embark on this journey

I’ve began to use life as my classroom and fellow human beings as my teacher, there’s no greater theatre to learn from than life and the world itself.

First though we must sit in silence and observe and listen, then we start building awareness and mindfulness of the world around us what I’ve learned from human observation.

  • We always chose a right or wrong
  • We always have to pick a side
  • We always have to prove a point
  • We always have to label everything in life
  • We are constantly judging others before we look at ourselves
  • We are constantly analyzing life
  • We react on emotions(say first think second)

A classroom at school taught us right and wrong on paper and in text books, life itself isn’t a text book or a piece of paper and theres no right or wrong just a way of thinkint and theres no little or big mistake just a mistake.

We hold onto things, manifesting anger, hate and frustration all for what? 

Your not living a truly free life just because you wake up every day a truly free life is to free your soul and yourself of attachment to  anger and hate and to live with forgiveness love and compassion.

Embrace your sufferings and then you will understand others.

Love and light 

Andy. P