For some of us friendship can be a big thing for others not so big, for those who emphasize a lot of value in friendship can usually be the ones left hurt or questioning things,recently I was faced with a realization that I indeed do  have insecurities about close friendships and the reasoning behind it for me was I felt I’ve never truly had or .felt a meaningful friendship I  ended a friendship of 32 years and 1o years in the same year I was able to end them with such silence and no regrets.

Now I find myself at a cross roads with a close friend a part of me feels like I am losing focus on the true value and principal of a friendship of quality over quantity, but another part of me is questioning the quality on the basis of how often we hang out which isn’t that often and I don’t want to be unfair to them as they work work work but when does the time come that you need to make time for life and friendships as I feel that they are not endeavoring to make the time but then I forgive them, am  I being to kind to them by not making a fuss or am I being selfish?


Everyone wants to be made to feel somewhat important especially in a close friendship or relationship but when your gut tells you that feeling of  not being important but your heart says hold on remember the good times and forget the bad,that’s where I am at right now with this close friendship  a part of me wants to stay and a part of me wants to walk away if I walk away I’m in peace and the war in my mind stops if  I stay and focus on letting go  of these insecurities who knows what could be built from this.






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