The connected disconnection

As I sit here at work pondering what life has become on earth with social media and the likes, an issue came to my mind about how disconnected we have become as a society with social media being a heavy influence I can’t help but feel we are connected physically to our phones but disconnected from the present moment in front of us.

We can easily connect ourselves in a moment that’s thousands of miles away through the push of a button or touch of a screen but to connect with the moment in front of us and we struggle then turn straight back to our phone, to live in the present breathe in the air listen to the environment around you the people walking past you the animals making noise these are all moments you can never get back as they are present time as for that moment on your phone your so invested in save it bookmark it whatever it is you can do and view It later as the world is around us for all to see.

Peace love and light 

Andy p

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