Beauty and flaws

Why is it we’ve become so obsessed with our image wanting to hide our cosmetic flaws, fake tans,botox,implants of all kinds,why put yourselves through this pain?

 Even in the gym people have become obsessed with image rather than doing it for themselves they do it in the name of their personal image hiding their flaws self improvement you don’t need it your already a great and beautiful human being, putting yourself through the pain of cosmetic surgeries don’t hide your flaws or insecurities they are what make you a beautiful and unique human being.

 We can’t deny our body the freedom to show its true colours we were not created flawlessly we were created with so many flaws over decades  that’s why life is about learning we grow into a beautiful human being by allowing our flaws to blossom and bask in the light.
Imperfection is beautiful

Flaws are beautiful

Being real is beautiful 
Don’t hide the real you

Show you for all you were created 

Peace ✌ Love ❤. light 💡 



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