They rule our Lives on the daily be it work,personal or any aspect of our life big or little it’s the one thing that’s been playing on my mind the last few days since I made a decision to end one friendship and to follow that up I was faced with, a decision on wether to walk away from a close friendship a lot of this was deriving from the insecurities I already have about close friendships  I’ve spent the last few days weighing things up, pros and cons, reasoning behind it and how will I feel once I’ve made the  decision.

Amidst all the thinking,procrastinating and weighing up I woke up this morning to make my usual cup of tea then decided to search YouTube for my favourite Buddhist teachers sermons in hope this would help me understand a bit better, I stumbled upon a sermon of his from 6 years ago funnily enough entitled decisions decisions decisions, I proceeded to listen to it it was not until I got 30 minutes in that I started to realise why I had allowed this decision to consume  me.

Every decision we make is neither good nor bad it’s purely just a decision, though when we make a decision much like a calculator we have to put in the figures(information) and hit the equal button to come out with the answer, but with life its a matter of inputting all the information we have about the situation were faced with and allowing that answer to come to us from deep within in essence we have to input then let go and live eventually the answers will come, patience is what we need to exercise along with consideration for others involved in simple terms some decisions need to be selfless ones in order to live at peace.

Peace ✌ Love ❤ Light 💡


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