The weekend blues

As the clock counts down on a Friday afternoon to finish the working week some celebrate some get the blues as for some of us going home to an empty house isn’t fun and making friends can seem like a great big task hence we hermit ourselves away from the world rather than expel energy that only exhausts us.

I can see why people like to party big  or consume copious amounts of alcohol on a weekend, it takes away The feelings of loneliness to some degree passes time quicker before we know it Mondays around and work occupies are time, I’m sitting here at my desk feeling a tad numb as to me its just another working week ending I’ve come to accept the lonely emotion as much as it sucks sometimes rather than be at war with it I’ve just accepted it to be at peace,I’ve never enjoyed my own company I’ve always needed company someone to hang out with just a present body, as shallow as that sounds its how I sometimes feel we all just want someone around regardless of what they say or do.

I’ve had to find ways to combat this feeling an occupy my time more wisely rather than dwell over it otherwise it consumes us sends us to a dark place, we have to sometimes remember we are not alone in this world we may feel alone but that’s not our physical state you have your heart your mind your body and life, we have to create our own company in order to overcome this feeling of loneliness get creative use your imagination do something so outside the box even your amazed with yourself and bring fulfillment to your own person then you will never be lonely 

Peace Love and light

Andy p


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