Self acceptance and expectations

So I’ve just come out of one of my best meditation sessions I’ve since starting a month ago, after the meditation sessions we got talking and the subject that came up was about acceptance and our own self acceptance.

In a day an age of high and outlandish expectations we all have or currently do have of relationships, dating and life in general, ever wondered why you cant find Mr or Mrs right? Ever wondered why you’ve dated one after another and left with a bitter disappointed taste like off milk in your mouth?

It could be the high expectations you have on what you want people to be or how people should treat you, we want people to accept us and love us for who we are but in all honesty do we actually love and accept ourselves or just throw on a facade to gain interest of the good looking him or her?

It’s okay to have expectations but perhaps its time to change them and connect with yourself, start loving yourself, start accepting yourself, start being kind to yourself and most important of all don’t have these great big complex expectations of yourself and how life should be.

There’s a saying our vibe attracts our tribe if you are putting at a facade and high expectations your going to attract the same in return, maybe it’s time for change in yourself disconnect from social media and reconnect with you as yourself the questions but don’t expect the world to answer them, self acceptance and love can go along way if we are just willing to change our way of thinking about ourselves.

Peace Love and light
Andy p


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