Dating the great big job interview

I’ve been in and out of the dating scene for a good three years i never really opened my eyes to what was actually happening until mid last year when I was on a few facebook singles pages, it’s evolved from simply making friends and having a good time to where we are sizing up a potential candidate to date or future relationship it’s almost like we’ve turned dating into a warped form of job interviewing.

Where dating and singles apps or sites or the so called job seeker page and your CV or resume is your profile, which allows one to pick it apart and pass judgement based on the informs to you put and your profile photo, if your lucky enough to pass that stage then your onto the conversation the inboxing exchange of messages back and forth like the first stage of a job interview assessing worthiness for stage 2.

If your lucky enough to make it to stage 2 the face to face interview aka the date, your angst ridden, anxiety ridden, butterflies or even the throw up in the toilet to shake the nerves because were questioning whether we are deserved of this persons time were already questioning our own self worthiness.

The date doesn’t really flow to much umming and ahhhing spinning around in your head and out come the job interview style questioning of your life your intentions your future goals kids or no kids and so on like their ticking the imaginary boxes off in their mind.

We’ve turned dating into such a tragic thing of life it’s meant to be fun we’re meant to enjoy the moments not riddle them with a job interview format, next time your lining a potential Mr or Mrs right up ask yourself do you tick your own boxes that you expect them to tick for you? Or are you just simply filling a void in hope they are the right man or woman for the “job”

Peace love light Andy P


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