Loneliness or solitude?

As I sit here on my couch soaking up the morning sun and it’s beautiful scenery I can’t help but think In a day and age of digital technology you can’t help but have that feeling of loneliness sometimes if your like me and enjoy face to face to conversation over in boxing and text messages then its easy to feel that way.

I embarked on a journey to overcome my fear of loneliness only a few months ago it was a fear of mine, that I never wanted to face so I  was always chasing friendships and relationships to mask the fear ,the journey so far in it’s short time has proven to be tougher than I expected some days I come home from work and feel outright lonely some days before work I feel outright lonely.

 The only median I have found is to try and keep busy fill my mind so to speak (Mindfulness), but when that ends I’m still left feeling somewhat lonely in this great big world, I chose to embark on this journey to grow some days I honestly want to recede back into a cave lol and be anti social to a degree.
The big learning curve is all about perspective of life is it loneliness or is it solitude enjoying our own company, building self connection, being present for ourselves and sometimes its not loneliness when you start to factor in a change of perspective  but also it is just as easy to regress back to that lonely feeling in a digital age of communication.

When that lonely feeling comes we just have to stop and ask ourselves are we lonely or is it just a feeling that we are allowing ourselves to be dictated by take control of your mind and not let it control you 

Peace love and light  andy.p 


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