Mindfulness and us

Quite often we are present for the benefit of another person in the moment this is a good and selfless act,there is absolutely nothing wrong with this as your practicing a form of mindfulness being focused on the moment your in along with being present.
But when it comes to being present and mindful for ourselves we question it, as others will also as some perceive it as a selfish act little do they know your being mindful in a present moment and place for just you, the only difference between mindfulness and selfishness is one is focusing on the present moment and the other is a careless act of a materialistic nature.
To be present focused and mindful in the moment for yourself or another person is not wrong especially if there’s a goal in mind that one may need to accomplish to accomplish a goal we need to be present on the path to It and mindful of the journey.
Never let anyone take this away from you if someone perceives it as selfish that’s their perception and not yours just know your journey.

Peace love and light Andy.p



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