Slowing life down

As I sit here taking in the night air exchanging a few texts with a friend we touched on the subject of slowing down life making time to do it in a chaotic rush around world.

I’ve crossed paths with 3 people in the last few days who all on their own level have been running themselves around mad, be it work,life or other matters here I am It feels like I’m going in slow motion watching everyone around me move like headless chooks, it’s scary to see how caught we’ve become in the hustle and bustle of life day to day that even for  a few minutes we don’t slow down.

We are like heat seeking missiles without a set target just moving hundreds of miles an hour eventually running out of fuel and collapsing hard,if we slowed that missile down gave it some coordinate do you think it would reach its set destination? I think so.

Like anything in life we need to remember on our path to whatever destination it is we need to slow down sometimes take in the scenery as once you reach your goal the slowing down all makes sense your mind is clear and no doubts are had.

Slow down, live life and enjoy the ride learning to make time in the smallest increment.

Love light peace andy.p


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