Just one book

I never knew  reading one book could influence my emotions my thought processes so much as the one I’ve been reading.

Bringing me realisations about my traits and behaviours, causing me to reflect deeply on these behaviours, in some ways scary and daunting, I’ve only been on this journey a short time (6 months), its proving to be tougher the more I learn about myself sometimes the happier I am and sometimes the more scared I am.

I don’t fear change, but I am shocked at the realisation of what some of my past behaviours lead me to do, I have a lot of reflecting to do I think try not to  confuse it with the over thinking.

Peace love light



Why am I doing this

Why am I doing this

Why am I blogging my experiences my emotions my good days my bad days for the world to see?

Why do I not fear what anyone has to say about me

Why do I do this

I struggle to confide in many people it takes a certain personality for me to fully confide in and thats very very very little if anyone that I’ve truly confided in.

I found expressing myself is the best way to deal with my emotions and views rather than bottle them up or  hope someone has the time to talk, I chose to do this to confide in society as a whole about my world as it may help someone else on their journet, I’m not scared of doing so as it’s the one trait about me where I thrive.

Some may see it as a cry for attention, I see it as me trying to overcome a struggle and finding a method to the madness of my life, maybe one day there will come a special person very special person to whom I will confide in my darkest deepest emotions until then this is my journey

Peace love and light 


Dealing with envy

As of recent I’ve learned a lot about myself through reading a simple book written by the dalai lama himself.

I’ve been realising more and more my actions and attitudes towards friendships are stemming from envy, I have been trying to get to the root cause of this and alot of It has come down to my years as a kid where I never really had a close friend through my schooling years,  I’ve never let go of it as an adult if anything I’ve attempted to surpress it but the minute I allow someone close to me in friendship terms it starts all over again.

The envy the why not me the frustrations of not feeling important all these negative emotions of life that consume how do I react? I push them away or sabotage it in hope they don’t come closer or keep a distance.

I’m starting to realise all this envious behavior towards life is going to be my undoing then I will be truly lonely with life as my behaviors have lead me to do this.

How do I work through this behavior I’m fighting hard to change my perspective and attitudes towards this aspect of life hopefully one day I will be free and not living this.

Peace love light 


Situations and attitudes

So I’ve been reading a book written by the 14th dalai lama  called the path to freedom – freedom in exile telling the story of his escape from a Tibet occupied by china painting a picture of the early  and still ongoing oppression  faced by the people of tibet.

Despite the years of oppressive conditions, dictatorship, loss of basic rights to an opinion and religious practice Tibet is a country that regardless after 60 years of oppressive treatment the people still after all these years hold hope that one day Tibet will be theirs again.

Even with the dalai lama himself still living in exile along with a large population of Tibetans across the world, the people inside tibet  still hold onto hope and faith regardless of their changing conditions and the dalai lama himself is an excellent leader in the sense that his middle way approach in spite of the violence that goes in tibet is Still his approach his belief in staying the course, treating his Chinese brothers and sisters with compassion regardless as he knows not all Chinese people are responsible for the past atrocities committed by their government he has kept his people safe healthy and alive with this approach towards an autonomous tibet one day.

No amount of hurdles in life should stop us, its our attitude towards these hurdles that truly indicates our successes in overcoming them as shown with tibet its not the situation thats the problem its the attitude of the people towards It.

Peace love light


What’s next???

So what’s next in this great big modern world where material prosperity rules our intermittent moments of happiness where the future becomes the past in a fraction of a second and where we communicate with each other a majority of the time in digital format.

What’s next when you have your dream job?

What’s next when you have your dream car?

What’s next when you have your new mobile phone?

What’s next when your social media accounts get 10k in followers?

What’s next when you have that great big house?

What’s next when you have all the money you never imagined you would have?

What’s next when you have your physically please looks?

What’s next when you’ve spent all your money on alcohol and you wake up the next day hung over 

Where’s our happiness come from anymore there comes a point where all this materialist  happiness just doesnt satisfy us or we continue down the path asking ourselves why ain’t I happy why do I feel empty and lonely and unsatisfied with life?

Our  eternal happiness but lies in materialistic property but rather within ourselves we should be obsessed with quality not quantity of life, all humans are beautiful regardless of the aesthetic appearance or social media followers as none of these things in the Long term mean anything unless you have your inner happiness.

Materialism the great obsession

Why are people so obsessed with material objects being the centre if their happiness why do we allow our love for materialism drives  us to never be content or never be settled we are told our comfort zone isn’t good enough its like everything that keeps us on the level is being told its unhealthy when shouldn’t it be the other way around ones happiness should be based on their comfort factor and contentment with their current lifestyle.

We are telling people their life isn’t good enough their comfort zone isn’t where they should be and that if they don’t change they will suffer isn’t it the other way around always wanting more and never being content the actual suffering .rather than someone who is content and happy with what life has for them.

Are all these mottos we see that apparently meant to envoke positivity is it possible their doing the opposite???

Peace love and light


Free spirits and suffering

Why is it the free spirited ones suffer the most pain before being free

Why is it a free spirits chose to endure the pains of stripping away their sufferings 

Why is being a free spirit hurting more than just a sentient being

Free spirits see and feel more hence they hurt harder and suffer longer they feel pain in ways a being wouldn’t 

Free spirits express their pain in ways only other free spirits know its only a free spirit that can understand another free spirit.

We only become a free spirit through all the suffering and stripping back of the layers to come down to the most purest and simplest form of the human being  its the ones that have suffered the most that reach the light and obtain their freedoms free spirits are truly one of a kind and will always greet you with compassion and warmth.

Peace love and light