Big mistake? Little mistake? Or just mistake

Ever been in a situation be it in the work place or life in general where someone’s told you “hey you made a little mistake” or “hey you made a big mistake” it seems illogical to me that we  as human beings somehow think we can define the difference between a big and little mistake.

I was faced with this at work and after getting over my huff about it I’m like hey hang on how can anyone define the size of a mistake, it’s utterly ridiculous and in some cases it can cause a degree of anxiety, stress or fear in someone because we associate the word big with size and when you put that in a phrase “big mistake”  for some it can be daunting as hell.

There is no formula that defines the size of a mistake nor a heirachy, because if there was you would see the terms big and little mistake with a clear definition in the dictionary in the logical sense, but you only clearly find the word mistake defined no little no big just mistake.

It’s food for thought because the next time you are either faced with a mistake or about to raise one with someone just think about it how you either present it or how you perceive it because at the end of the day its simply a mistake regardless of the size and nature.

Peace,Love and Light

Andy. P


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