Tunnel vision

Do you think if they wanted us to see with tunnel vision think with a narrow mind they would have given us peripheral vision and a full brain? I pose this question as it seems to me we as human beings are seeing with tunnel vision thinking with half a brain and letting knowledge obstruct the truth of things.

Peripheral vision is for not just seeing images but for seeing the world differently, just imagine being locked away in a box with nothing but two circular holes to see out of not very fun hey? And all we see in front of us is the same situation same scenery day in and day out in turn our brain begins to only see what our eyes show it and in turn our heart feels this.

Now imagine stepping outside that box and for the first time taking a 360 degree look around you, yep your astounded with the view, you start to see things differently view things differently and feel differently, our perspective can change with our vision from tunnel to full view things can change.

Our way of thinking can change as with our logic and emotions all because we no longer just see out of those two holes but with full vision of the world around us.

Perspective can change when you change and choose to.


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