The struggle is real

It’s sometimes just so easy to slip back into your old habits why? Because when your going through change and you reflect on it you see the happy times those bad habits brought you and forget the bad it did.

Sometimes I do just wish to slip right back into those bad habits I had before I decided to embark on a journey of change, I felt so happy there like I didn’t have a care in the world if anything in this very moment I am honestly feeling it would easier to do I’m having a moment of weakness fighting new with old and old with new, as I lay in a dark room trying to fall asleep I feel alone but not lonely I feel like my thoughts are my closest friend and my reflections are my nemisis.

This very moment is proving difficult I feel like I am truly struggling to live in the present moment today with constant thoughts about my past and living there, the struggle is real I’m hoping a fresh sun rise will bring a clearer mind and stronger will.

Peace love light

Andy. P


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