A lonely mind

Being a deep thinker can be a lonely world sometimes, your often left with just your thoughts only you can understand and feeling as if no one else will get where your coming from, so you just contently sit there with your thoughts in essence starving for connection on a similar level.

But fear that noone else will get you so rather than strike up a random conversation you withdraw from communication from others only to starve your conscience even more, we as human beings are social beings  its in us to be that way for some like me I feel its a challenge sometimes as all you want is communication beyond the realms of normality but don’t know where to start, for me I try to engage by asking questions outside the normal of conversation about someone I’m intrigued to know ones journey their motivations their reasons why.

Most people shy away from this type of conversation as they have either never experienced it or they have been hurt in their past that its safer to lock themselves all away from the world, a lonely mind just doesnt come in the form of deep thinking or. A sub conscious realm deep inside but Also from the pains of our past that send us into a mental and emotional lock down.

The struggle is real from both sides our thoughts are sometimes all we have to keep us company in this modern world.

Peace Love and Light

Andy. P


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