The good employee

I was faced with this issue last week at work, as much as we go to work to earn money it’s just as good to have our skills and abilities appreciated and recognised especially by the manager we are directly underneath.

I’ve been in my industry for coming on 14 years its been a 14 years fraught with mistakes, hard falls, experiences and great lessons which have formed me to be who I am today in the industry, my current job role I took on 5 years ago I remember taking a massive pay cut to leave my previous job for this new one in the name of family time and nothing more.

I never knew what I was to face or how long I would last there or even to learn what type of of person my direct manager is like, first couple of years went by I was faced with challenges of training staff,learning the job myself and trying to keep my head above water, it was not the challenges I expected I had lead teams before but nothing like this it was mentally testing some days and weeks  utterly fraught with frustration fueding staff,uncooperative staff and departments, but none the less I persevered as after all it was a job in my mind and nothing more nothing less.

I remember the arguments had with my manager the one time where I ignored his calls and emails for a week, I wasn’t coping  for a while felt under appreciated for quite a long time, complaining to my wife about it on the car rides home at night, in and out of periods of job hunting.

I started counting myself lucky to have a Monday to Friday job in my industry as most don’t get this opportunity and most would die for this type of roster, once I focused on this I tended to forget about the feeling appreciated for my work and simply just worked and worked and worked and I expected the same of my staff  which in hindsight was probably unfair of me to do that as they have The right to expect things from working hard.
It was only in the recent few months of work where my attitude has really turned around and my eyes have been opened, I reflect on the journey I have made to bring my department up to where it is now from where it was when I started, along with also building my current team up through all the rapid  changes whilst also job maturing myself, all seems quite a lot when you think about it and It is when you reflect on it.

Once I opened to this reflection I started to see how I wasn’t appreciated truly and how my team wasn’t either and it just wasn’t me imagining things like I did in the early years, it’s a must to appreciate and support your staff be it your a manager or supervisor as you are the person they look to for answers in a time of doubt and support in a time of growth and change, it’s always been in my nature to want to lead I thrive when it comes to  helping people grow and develop I take joy in that and show appreciation in my staff  in every form.

If you are a leader, pay attention to your staff, their more than just a number  treat them with compassion and not your legal obligation as we know the difference, when you exercise compassion and support to your staff treating them like human beings and not an “employee” that will be the difference between them staying and them leaving as they say 

“Thats the straw that breaks the camels back”

Peace Love Light



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