Relinquish control

I’ve learned a valuable lesson through my experience from a couple of days ago, I was restless all day, frustrated and craving company it was more the mere frustration of being restless with my own thoughts that was the centre of my frustration.

I went to bed Monday night in a semi restless mind state woke up Tuesday morning and decided to listen to one of my favourite local Buddhist teachings on YouTube, it turned out to be about thinking I listened to the sermon and a few things started to click to me, one was being kind to our minds and the other was where our restlessness and Borden derives from, it made a lot of sense to me that quite often in a restless period we are fighting our thought’s, much like a sleepless night or trying to get to sleep and it just won’t happen and its a result of us trying to fight with our thoughts and mind rather than compromising with it and letting it have its thoughts as crazy as it may sound for some talk to your mind give it some.of its own time even if its before bed time.

We often try to be in control of everything in our lives, especially our mental and emotional state hence we end up with frustration and restlessness as I learned from listening to this teaching sometimes we just have to compromise relinquish control and let it happen eventually our minds come back to us just like a child it wonders off to explore then eventually comes back to the parent to marvel in what they have discovered.

Relinquish control and be kind to your mind.

Peace Love and Light



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