One way disconnection

Sometimes we have to end things break the tie or connection as our gut tells us the truth, we can only give so much before we realise that its not worth it to do things without expectations is different to holding a close connection with a person.

A decision to cut a tie may not come instantly but it does come and today it came for me, I had to cut ties with someone I Revered as a close friend and then realised today that it wasn’t being reciprocated, it kinda hurts when you realise that it sucks megaly but in order for my personal growth it was essential.

Life has a funny way of conveying a message to us  and today all it took was a catch up with an old friend and a few words that made me realise wow I need to let go of this one way connection and just live.

As I ride the bus home an emptiness settles in but I know tomorow is a new day and I will be more clear headed ✌❤:idea: 



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