Outside the mould

Sitting there having a beautiful a deep conversation with a young lady yesterday, we got discussing on a range of topics from politics to life and western vs eastern philosophy coupled with our beliefs on political rhetoric.

There was a part of the conversation where we touched on education and a way of thinking, how education has given us tunnel vision with strictly knowledge and nothing more, the only way out of that is to change your way of thinking or be outside the mould in the first place I’m going to revert back to two points of my secondary school life two grades apart.


I took.on photography as one of my elective subjects because I had a creative side and just enjoyed using a camera and taking photo’s, I never excelled in this class in fact I never really completed any of the assignments I was happy to intellectually contribute along with take photos but alot of the time my imagination wondered off in class and quite often I would forget that I was even in a class the one thing I do remember is what came in my mid year report from this teacher in photography, “ANDREW HAS A CREATIVE MIND BUT FAILS TO PUT IT TO GOOD USE” that has always stuck with me still to this day I’m still figuring out how to put my creative mind to use.

YEAR 12 

It was to be our last assignment of the year for senior English class and the topic was to write a report and present it to the class on someone who has influenced the way we live today, my best friend chose a famous Australian sportsman I chose Martin Luther king jnr as I felt he was a person that has deeply influence modern day way of thinking in regards to our fellow human beings, I remember doing this report with a bit of enthusiasm I presented it to class and got a B where as my best friend at the time got a C for his sportsman, funny part was he accused me of copying me I laughed and laughed as it was beyond me how he came to this conclusion,my way of thinking in highschool was far outside the norm which I only just realised now.

I’ve never fitted into a mould or a group in the past decades of my life and its starting to make sense that my mind is on a wave length only few will understand and be on the same level with and a lot will just scratch their heads over. 

I’m starting to see my true value in life to this world and within myself more so now than ever.

Peace Love and Light



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