Our sufferings

We often create our own sufferings through the way we see the world and react to it, something as simple as clinging onto a relationship or friendship which is hurting you is a prime example of creating your own sufferings, being angry at someone rather than simply forgiving them is creating your own sufferings or holding onto the past when you need to let go is the biggest form of suffering we as human beings create for ourselves.

I believe we need to let go of all this, exercises forgiveness to release yourself, let go of that friendship if in your own heart you know its hurting you, let go of that past and live now as your suffering is living behind you not in front of you.

We often let ourselves be hurt by the very thing that makes us human and thats our emotions, we are the only ones truly in control of our own emotions and with these emotions comes great happiness, deep sadness or suffering, we have to have the wisdom to know what’s right for us and the courage to follow through with letting go of our sufferings.

You as a human being deserve not to suffer so don’t be a victim of your own sufferings 

Exercise forgiveness

Let go of the past

Let go of whatever is hurting you

You are a beautiful human being don’t let yourself suffer anymore.


One thought on “Our sufferings

  1. This is right on point and very true. I listen to people at times and pray that they see the grip that they allow things to have on them. I use do it to(and sometimes still do, then catch myself and reset) We can be our biggest tormentors.


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