Obsession,attachment or materialism?

Why is it we work so hard just to purchase something that we have to work even harder to Try and hold onto, we work and work and work for a new house or a new car but that’s not the end of it though we then have to work harder just to maintain these things and we’re unhappy still, unfulfilled and stressed out all in the name of attachment, obsession or materialism?
I’ve always believed in hard Work but one thing I have not believed in as of recent is to do it in the name of materialistic attachment to something that can be gone in the blink of an eye,I fondly remember once buying a brand new laptop with money I had got in return from the tax department, I was happy joyful as I hadn’t had a new one in years, 2 days later I came home from work to find it smashed up my now ex wife had driven down the road with it on the roof of the car, I remember that night as I was furious angry upset over feeling like my hard earned money had gone to waste I also remember my anger causing my ex wife to lock herself away in a room.

I was livid at the loss of this materialistic item at the time I can understand the frustration when one crashes a new car I truly do, but is it all worth it at the end of the day to be angry at the person who hit your car or angry at yourself for crashing the car? 

None of the anger is worth it as it is simply one materialistic item acquired by another materialistic item as easy as these things come they do go, hard work is great but ask yourself truly what you are doing it for don’t become attached to the materialistic side but rather the fact its part of your journey and it can all dissapear as quickly as it comes.

Let go of the materialistic outlook  on life as all these things come at a cost but your inner peace is not worth the sacrifice.


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