Life comes full circle

What I feel has been a tolling few weeks at work mentally taking on board all this new stuff, in training sessions then at my desk, I remember this feeling over a year ago at work, where I lacked motivation, energy and bouts of crankiness.

I know its time to take some time off step away from the desk and the team and re balance, as I said before I’ve not had these physical and emotional feelings in a while and it can be overwhelming, to some extent it can cloud my judgment from past experiences though perhaps this time around I am more self aware of it all that I know the what’s, why’s and how’s to hopefully manage through it.

Because right now I feel like I just wanna be a hermit at home in my bed with my thoughts far away from work or anything else right now, as I feel drained and every bit of work I do here is taking more effort to do lacking that spring in my step.

There is no point going on anymore about it like a cry for help that only I know the answer to.

This is just life giving me an opportunity to test myself.

Peace love light 



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