Compliment or motive

Ever received a compliment from the opposite sex and started assessing whether its a motive for Something other than what it just is? Or left a tad speechless because you’ve barely or ever been complimented? Or don’t want to respond because your afraid of conveying the wrong message by appreciating the compliment? Or feared giving a compliment out of being judged or ignored?

These reactions all seem to be all too common of a response these days, we have become fearful of a simple compliment be it of our physical appearance or personality and this in turn one becomes fearful of offering a compliment out of the response they may or may not recieved because it could be deemed as a motive of some sort.

Sadly this is all happening all to much a simple compliment such as ” you are looking beautiful today” can either lead someone to think up a motive or not say anything at all, its like kindness is a sinister motive for Something deeper therefore you create a whole massive analysis of it in the end it sometimes results in you avoiding that person because your analysis of one simple compliment leads you to believe in a motive of some kind they may have.

Be it though some compliment out boosting their ego or to make themselves look good in a crowd of people in essence an empty compliment, which to be honest is usually more accepted in the event it boosts another parties ego aswell and egotistical compliments are nothing more than empty words.

To be honest why fear or analyze a compliment just take it with kindness and show a little kindness in return noone said to you that you are obligated to give a great big long thanks just a simple thank you to move on it may also boost your day if your feeling down.

Compliments are not something to fear but rather embrace.

Peace love light 



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