The dating game

It makes me wonder in the modern day and age of dating is there such thing as being to secure and to independent to be dateable or potential relationship material?

Its a thought that has randomly popped into my mind, once we become so secure within ourselves and highly independent does that make a person harder to date in a day and age where insecurity is a big issue along with dependency on others to live our lives through i think it can be intimidating for someone still battling insecurities and dependency issues.

For quite sometime I bounced from relationship to relationship out of fear of loneliness and more so I was highly dependent on others for my happiness and now the tables have turned I start to realise wow its empowering to be independent and stand on my own make my own happiness without depending on others.

Its easy to be intimidated or fear something you’ve never experienced its a natural part of human behavior I believe, but we need to let go of that fear just because someone is more independent and secure than you doesn’t make them any more human than you are or better to that extent it just means your both on different journeys in your lives.

If anything you can learn from these experiences by allowing these people into your lives it can help you grow to be more secure and independent.

Peace love and light



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