Selfishness what is it?

So I had a brief chat with a close friend about selfishness and why people are so selfish it got me thinking and I had a light bulb moment.

This is what the dictionary defines as selfishness



  1. the quality or state of being selfish; lack of consideration for other people.

    “an act of pure selfishness”

I feel that we have painted this word in such a negative light as being selfish in my belief doesn’t make you a bad person, its all about perspective to be honest just because the dictionary says that’s what it is doesn’t mean thats it.

We as most human beings will go through our day committing at least one selfish act believe it or not.

Example 1 : your at the gym focused on you on your time not allowing distractions to get in away even if it means ignoring phone calls all this can’t be accomplished without being selfish in some way

Example 2: you’ve had a bad week and your friends want to spend time with you but you want time to yourself to focus on your recovery and that requires a degree of selfishness.

Example 3: someone asks to borrow $20 you have more than enough to lend them but you say no knowing you could help them that there is also an act of selfishness

Selfishness happens every day regardless but we seemed to have tarnished with that negative light to me selfishness has both a good and bad aspect not just a bad aspect.

I’ve always believed in selfishness isn’t harmful when growing ones self as we need to summons on all the energy we can without distraction or others absorbing it.

In all honesty selfish is just a word to describe an act be it bad or good.

Peace, love and light



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