Company of total strangers

Ever struck up a random conversation with a complete stranger and spent time just talking about life in general?

I seem to end up doing this more than often lately, being someone who’s generally struggled with friendships and maintaining them, I seem to be enjoying the intermittenet company of a complete stranger more than friendships.

Its like a one night stand with conversation only and never to be seen or heard from again, for some of you this may sound crazy, but for me its less stressful and more gratifying than trying to have an actual social life with friends.

Strangers can open up a hell of alot aabout their lives sometimes about issues they’ve never confided in close relations with and the thing is these conversations happen at the most unexpected moments which to me can be a welcome distraction from my own thoughts and endless mind chatter.

I have no insecurity with talking to complete strangers but somehow do when attempting to arrange a catch up with a friend go figure.

Life is definitely an Interesting thing.

Peace love and light 


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