Tibet:a place the world forgot

For over 50 years Tibet has been fighting to regain it’s freedom once invaded by China and forced into a new way of life, this country was one of the oldest and most spiritual countries with people of simple beliefs and lifestyle s forced to live under Chinese communist rule all in the name of modernisation as chairman Mao’s government put it, a 17 point agreement drafted between the two countries only followed by Tibet and breached by the Chinese, the countries population was forced into exile with very little help from the outside world this country has been victim in the past to numerous atrocities including genocide.

The world forgot about Tibet, as did the united nations its a sad world when we pick and chose who to help gain freedom, the materialistic approach to the world has lead to causes such as liberating Tibet to be ignored this country is rich in history and beauty plus the home of one the 20th centuries most spiritual figures the dalai lama.

Why has a region like Tibet been forgotten? Why is the people of Tibet’s liberation less important than that of a middle eastern region ? Why didnr the worlds super powers do more to help liberate this country 50 plus years ago? 

The atrocities and oppression its people have endured yet noone seems to care still the dalai lama lives in exile as a refugee of his homeland.

Free Tibet!

Hand back Tibet to its people!



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