Situations and attitudes

So I’ve been reading a book written by the 14th dalai lama  called the path to freedom – freedom in exile telling the story of his escape from a Tibet occupied by china painting a picture of the early  and still ongoing oppression  faced by the people of tibet.

Despite the years of oppressive conditions, dictatorship, loss of basic rights to an opinion and religious practice Tibet is a country that regardless after 60 years of oppressive treatment the people still after all these years hold hope that one day Tibet will be theirs again.

Even with the dalai lama himself still living in exile along with a large population of Tibetans across the world, the people inside tibet  still hold onto hope and faith regardless of their changing conditions and the dalai lama himself is an excellent leader in the sense that his middle way approach in spite of the violence that goes in tibet is Still his approach his belief in staying the course, treating his Chinese brothers and sisters with compassion regardless as he knows not all Chinese people are responsible for the past atrocities committed by their government he has kept his people safe healthy and alive with this approach towards an autonomous tibet one day.

No amount of hurdles in life should stop us, its our attitude towards these hurdles that truly indicates our successes in overcoming them as shown with tibet its not the situation thats the problem its the attitude of the people towards It.

Peace love light



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