Why am I doing this

Why am I doing this

Why am I blogging my experiences my emotions my good days my bad days for the world to see?

Why do I not fear what anyone has to say about me

Why do I do this

I struggle to confide in many people it takes a certain personality for me to fully confide in and thats very very very little if anyone that I’ve truly confided in.

I found expressing myself is the best way to deal with my emotions and views rather than bottle them up or  hope someone has the time to talk, I chose to do this to confide in society as a whole about my world as it may help someone else on their journet, I’m not scared of doing so as it’s the one trait about me where I thrive.

Some may see it as a cry for attention, I see it as me trying to overcome a struggle and finding a method to the madness of my life, maybe one day there will come a special person very special person to whom I will confide in my darkest deepest emotions until then this is my journey

Peace love and light 



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