what is love honestly?

Besides a singular definition in a dictionary

Love is an action

Love is an emotion

Love is sadness

Love is warmth

Love is compassion

Love is beauty 

Love is passion

Love is romance

Love is pain

Love is a spontaneous undefined aspect of our lives, it gives us pain,happiness, anxiety and joy, it has no boundaries it goes beyond anything physical we ever experience and we can’t control who gives and receives it, when it happens or how we feel it.

We cannot define love as a singular but as an experience of the present a memory of the past and a glimpse of the future.

Peace love light ✌❀🌟

Andy. P


Inside us

Everything we have to control comes from within us noone has a switch or remote to our inner workings.

The neurons 

The chemicals

The receptors

Only you have control of these 

Your perception of love

Your perceptions of the opposite sex

Your perceptions of romance

Your ability to forgive 

Your ability to love

Your ability to exercise compassion and kindness

Your fears

Your demons

Your happiness

Your courage

Your wisdom

And you can’t take these away from anyone not in a million years the power of our minds and hearts to transform our way of thinking and living is not impossible its just upto you to not relinquish this power this control to an outside force.

Peace love light ✌❀🌞


Me and my doctor

They say behind Evey great man is a great woman, well for me for this great man lies in my eyes a great doctor.

doctor tue hoang
I came to meet Dr hoang about 4 years ago or so when I was in search of a new gp, since I’ve been seeing him he’s been nothing short of compassionate, kind and very softly spoken person.

He’s seen me through my weight loss journey from the start and most recently the last 2 years he’s helped me get started on my journey to better mental health, now yes it’s his job but also it’s his passion which he is dedicated his life to and I have alot to thank for this amazing human being as he’s served his duties but also done it with great heart.

I just want to say thank you Dr hoang for being on the journeys I have taken on so far and bless your kind heart and compassionate approach to the medical profession.

Don’t forget how vital your doctor is to your way of life from the doctor that delivered you to the doctor that may treat you in your last days they are amazing people.

Peace love and light ✌❀🌟


Soulmates and us

Recently watched what I would call a very profound and insightful movie called dear zindagi it relates to life love and relationships and our mental health towards all these correlates

Below is a dialogue from the movie about soul mates that really has now caught my attention and challenged me to think a little deeper

If there was such a thing like a perfect relationship.. one soul mate?
Why just ONE soul mate..
you can have a perfect Coffee soul mate with whom you enjoy having coffee,
you can have a perfect Gossip soul mate with whom you share the day’s gossip,
you can have a Musical soul mate with whom you share and enjoy the same taste in music..
you can have an Intellectual soul mate, with whom your intellect level matches and you can discuss ideas and thoughts easily..
you can have a romantic soul mate, with whom you share a romantic relationship.
Why put the burden of so many emotions on ONE relationship!
Peace love light

Andy. P

Insight through experience

I often spend my time preaching “your not alone” or “it’s okay to talk” I didn’t realise how hard that all was until the last few days and my experience I lived through.

The old saying easier said than done definitely has logic to it, when your emotionally clouded it’s easy to feel like your alone or struggling to communicate what your feeling and in turn you stoop even to a lower emotional level because your mindfulness and awareness is clouded by the emotions your going through.

I don’t condone locking yourself away from the world but I will condone living the through these emotions without fighting them or you will proverbially dig a deeper hole for yourself.

The thing i learned was to Talk even if you are feeling alone, talk even if it doesn’t make sense it all helps but if you feel the need to be in isolation then do it be alone with your thoughts talk to yourself even.

Its often we preach and preach and preach in the name of mental health and these issues attached with it, but please remember unless you’ve really experienced these it’s not as easy with clouded emotions one may be experiencing and  there may be 7 billion people in the world which makes for 7 billion individual worlds too.

Peace love light ✌❀🌞

A rantΒ 

To be honest I spend more time alone than I do with Anyone else the only time I take off work is for school holidays rarely do I take any time off for me I have a selfish brother who has not lifted a finger to help or visit our dad but can spend it up for a trip to Melbourne I am sick to death of everything at the moment I sit in silence because its easier than voicing your opinion sometimes
I am sick to death of being the one that has to fight my way out of everything I am sick sick sick to fucken death the reason I don’t want to be selfish is because my brother is that he’s done the same to my mum I’m the son that gives and gives and gives
Whilst he just cruises on through everything using dad to get His first house  using mum when he wants
Out of everything seriously what the hell have I ever done wrong besides help people but when I helped myself it was wrong