My strengths my weaknesses

It takes a fair bit of self talk and reflection to truly find the real you know the real you, know your strengths know your weaknesses know your triggers.

Lately the two biggest things I’ve learned about myself both positive and negative.


I can be highly disciplined when applying myself to something that I truly believe in or just plain enjoy I will endeavor to learn about it I will be persistent in my path on it regardless i’ve grown patience with everything I’ve endeavoured to pursue even if in the end its not for me I’ve still given it my all.

Weakness: self love

I am often quite hard and harsh on myself, highly critical of my actions and mistakes, quite often I will criticise myself to a point where I am compelled not to quit on something, I have struggled with loving who I am and what I am giving myself less love than that of what I give to others, learning self love is proving to be a big challenge for me as I see everyone else doing it I can’t figure out why its so hard for me.

These are the two biggest strengths and weaknesses I have I can sometimes be my own worst enemy or my truly best friend depending on the moment.

Peace Love Light

Andy. P


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