Manning up? Humaning up!

This term manning up, I was told to man up today because of the way I chose to see a situation, in my view I was manning up through compassion and letting go of an ego on the other hand someone didn’t see I that way.

Manning up is a stereotypical egotistical term used by society all because your a male, no I’m a human being not being a human, being a man is just my gender which doesn’t define how I should act or see the world.

By telling a man to man up would imply your saying he’s weak and non deservant of his male gender, which to me is ridiculous and demeaning to a fellow human being, this is where the stigma of mental health is attached because of this man up phrase causing a male to feel like he is insufficient of being a person and the self doubt kicks in because he hasn’t met this egotistical stereotype.

Stop telling males to man up

Every man is entitled to feel wake

Every man is entitled to feel strong

Every man is entitled to exercise compassion

Every man is entitled to feel hUMAN and not some stereotyped phrase.

How about human up instead lift your fellow male rather than kick him down  dispose of this manning up stereotype as its hurting tommorows male generations.

Peace love and light 



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