Truth before knowledge

Had a a few experiences in this very short working week so far it’s taught me something very valuable I took the opportunity to test myself and it worked out but another thing I learned about human behavior in general is the truth according to us.

I was speaking to a friend whom had recently gone through a break up he asked me a question that I was quite expecting to happen sooner or later, I gave the honest answer the one that was as truthful as I could give couldn’t be more truthful than that.

He was a bit suspicious of this answer still didn’t believe to me it was somewhat truthful, it clicked to me that no matter how truthful I answered this question his emotional state of mind would not allow him to thoroughly process it and see the truth.

Much rather the truth he was wanting to hear was that of which he had built up an expectation of in his mind coupled with his emotional state no other truths would be fully accepted only partially or not at all.

The truth can be told in many different forms and It can be believed in many different forms, we build up something so much in our mind that we only chose to believe that truth  as  the knowledge we’ve embedded so deep into our thought process and emotions will only allow us to see that and the real truth behind it all is obstructed.

We cannot let knowledge stand in the way of truth – ajahn brahm

Peace love and light 


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