Our weaknesses is our strengths

Today I did some self reflection and going over my strengths in both work and life, when it occurred to me work is a part of my life if it wasn’t for who I am in life  I wouldn’t be where I am in my job, I went through a list in my head of the strengths I have

Resourcefulness:I have this ability to source information,facts or knowledge on an aspect that I am focused on and want to make work and I will dig and procure.

Disciplined:anything I tend to put my mind to I do so with the all I have give something a try and if its not for me I can walk away.

Adapt to change: I’m becoming more and more adept at adapting to change especially rapid change this has come from my job where I’ve had to learn to adjust to constant and inconsistent changes taking this into the real world has helped me more and more.

Leadership: I thrive on being a leader, taking charge but more so teaching, guiding, mentoring whilst also learning at the same time its an environment I’ve thrived in not from ego but from pleasure of helping others get through life and work.

Learning: I love to learn something new about this world not a day or week goes by where I haven’t learned something new by either accident or intention its what couples with my resourcefulness thats made me enjoy this part of me.

When I look upon all these strengths of mine putting them altogether they truly make me who I am gives me a sense of direction and purpose once i learn to trust in my abilities life’s opportunities

Peace love and light

Andy. P


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