Life’s testing opportunities

Where do I start  today was a testing experience and an opportunity to grow and I feel I did on a mental and emotional level.

Little back story

Few months ago I put myself into a power lifting competition I failed and for days after that I kicked myself beat myself up saw it all in a dark light.

Today: I was in my 3rd powerlifting competition my focus wasn’t on the weights but more so how do I handle the failure and the self beating up and loathing myself, believe it or not I only hit 1 out of 9 lifts across the day, but my resolve to maintain an optimistic out look and to just keep going regardless  to which I did and did and did.

I had a win today a great win I feel I have emotionally and mentally evolved  this to me is a massive win over everything else all it takes is a bit of reflection to see where I am now and today

Peace love and light



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