Introspective point of view

What’s this you say this big complex sounding word introspective is it an insult or is it complimentary?

I was told this by a friend the other week that I was too introspective, I was like huh? What the  I was a tad confused until she said its a person who self analyses too much I never believe theres no such thing as “too much” or “too little”  so a week later I googled its definition and to say I was pretty amazed at its true definition so to speak



adjective: introspective

characterized by or given to introspection.

“he grew withdrawn and introspecti

  1. synonyms: inward-lookingself-analysing, self-examiningself-observing, brooding;More



    ruminative, meditativereflect

    After reading this I was pretty sure it described me to a tea and to be honest I was quite joyed as this part of who I am and shouldn’t be afraid to admit it.

    Peace love and light



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