My insecurities

This is a part of me not many about me know matter of fact only 1 or 2 people may know.

Let me start of with the biggest one


I have a massive insecurity when it comes to friendship’s that I am working on, I struggle to feel like I have close friendships with anyone and when it feels like their close I have a tendency to push them away, I struggle to just let it go and live I become attached too much and in turn this brings about my down fall, allowing my unrealistic expectations of friendship to affect my emotions ultimately has led me to end friendships with no real truth as to why and a lot of this has come down to the fact as a child I never felt like I had a close friendship or friends for most my schooling years.
Not being important

This is the second biggest one, I’ve often envied people around me who are important and have these great friendships, always getting appreciated and being the centre of everyone’s world I get tendencies to start feeling inadequate when this sets in I start getting a sense of sadness in some cases depressed.

These are the biggest ones I have that in part are the reason I am on this journey of change on a mental emotional and spiritual level, I  will endeavor to work through these in my time as there is no rush.

Peace love and light

Andy. P


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