Making a difference 

How do we make a difference?

One random act of kindness

One act of compassion

One act of forgiveness

One joke to make someone laugh

A shoulder for someone to cry on

An ear for someone to vent to

Or a voice of reason in turbulent times

There is no quantitative measure on how we  can make a difference in this world, it’s not about size its about simple actions as mentioned above or something not on that list.

When you ask yourself how do I make a difference to this world, it starts with you and how you see the world and the human beings around you, once you see past the superficial or materialism you see just a human being with a story.

It Doesn’t take much to make a difference no matter how big or small its still a good difference made as I’ve learned 

Remember  if you can’t smile then least try put a smile on someone Else’s face you never know it may change your mood for the day or the moment.

Peace love and light

Andy. P


3 thoughts on “Making a difference 

    1. Its quite often the materialistic or superficial acts are what get noticed more than the acts given from most inward everyone notices when someone gives someone money but the giving of the heart and compassion is very rarely noticed usually only by the eyes that see beyond the surface that it does

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