Easter and food

This is another time of the year where we indulge in food mainly chocolate, but who are we kidding food brings people together makes people happy its a staple of big celebrations in most regions of the world.

I am seeing some very critical statements and posts on social media, about the amount of chocolate one should eat or the nutritional content or even erring on the side of caution just eating one egg or bunny, now I support and condone healthy eating, eating in moderation and so forth as I’ve been down the path of a lifestyle change and learned a valuable lesson from my dietician and thats it is okay to treat yourself there is no harm in that matter of fact its what brings balance to our nutrition.

if we crave it then have it and the craving will usually pass if you fight it then you have a war on your hands with yourself and the craving I often say to people “you felt you wanted it you had it now its over”

And thats how it is with food indulge this easter if you so crave to as the moment shall pass like anything else  in life.

Peace love and light



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