Our true emotions

This post was triggered by a conversation with a friend over her ex partner and I would like to thank her for the inspiration 

“He cried on my shoulder many times”

How true is our physical emotions compared to our inner emotions

I believe theres a contrasting difference in fact, as tears don’t mean sadness inside, smiles don’t mean happiness inside and vice versa.

In fact we are not always bound to show our truest most inner emotions at a physical level quite often we chose to surpress a majority of it and only raise it to the surface in small part otherwise to release it in feeling compromised and naked so to speak.

One can cry but it doesnt mean truly inside their sad  or sorry as their motive maybe a facade to attract attention or to seek remorse and immediate forgiveness rather than process the wrong doings and be accountable for them fooling the person into feeling sorry and giving them the forgiveness they expected.

One can smile but it doesnt mean inside they are truly happy, this can be often associated with mental health issues such as depression where we put on a facade as we fear showing our truest inner thoughts and emotions because we fear judgment for our mental health position which leads sometimes to isolation from friends and family doing more damage.

Its much of a muchness as either way by not showing our true inner emotions we are doing damage to ourselves to the ones we love and anyone else close to us.

Never fear your inner emotions show them let them out if your sad and can’t cry thats okay if your depressed and can’t smile thats okay.


Peace love light



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