What I once was I am no more

What I was once was

A man with locked emotions

A man with a locked heart

A man that lied because he feared judgement or scorning from telling the truth

A man that used and took and never gave back

A man that was ungrateful

A man that hurt people a begged for forgiveness

A man with an ego and narrow mind that wouldn’t let go

A man who feared failing and felt embrassment from it

I am sorry to those I hurt sorry to those I made cry and sorry to those I took and never showed gratefulness

Who I am now

A man opening his heart

A man opening His emotions

A man giving without expectations

A man exercising compassion and consideration for others 

A man no longer begging for forgiveness but rather giving it those.

A man not afraid to fail because of what others will think.

I am a man who’s starting to embrace all the inner most emotions of myself to the very deepest core I will cry I will laugh I will mourn I will love with everything below the skin.

Peace love and light 

Andy. P


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