The strong woman

To all the strong women out there that have hit a brick wall with life.


You are only human

You can fall to the ground when it becomes to much.

You can walk away when you need your space

You can be angry when someone upsets you

You can cry in front of your kids, family and work mates.

You can ask for help whenever you want

Your not alone

Just because you’ve done everything yourself in life doesnt mean you have to face life’s battles alone.

Let go of your ego and pride show the gentle fragile female human being you truly are.

Bring down your wall its okay noones judging as your not alone.

Build a new wall but with holes in it so you can see out and others can see into what you have to offer.

You are human just like anyone else with the gift of strength but your not weak for letting it go when you’re at your wits end.

Embrace the true feminine in you

Peace love light



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