Single dad life 

This is a part of life I don’t often share but it’s the most important part of my life, it’s what’s  matured me in So many ways, driven me on the darkest days.

I wouldn’t give up the world for the experiences I’ve had as a father and more so as a single father, I’ve endured some very tough mental periods but still persevered and grew.

I’m feeling a bit sombre and down today as he goes back to his mums for a week, I usually get like this after having him with me for long periods of time, things go back to a quiet house, one voice, one meal at dinner.

It can get out right lonely some times in my world two weeks between visits, quiet house excuse a person for feeling this way but its the life of a parent  some times we get lonely sometimes we get depressed sometimes we enjoy our own company sometimes we get frustrated but we do miss having them around regardless.

And today I’m feeling a tad sad even if he has driven ms a tad crazy over the last few days lol, just the sound of his voice and his random crazy shenanigans can brighten you up or just make you laugh.

I really wish I had something insightful or intuitive  to write except the words don’t come to mind just a feeling of sombreness
Peace love light

Andy. p


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