Battling the demons within

Right now in battling a demon that I an trying to let go of.

It has a grip on me like no other

Trying to maintain a positive mind through this testing of times is proving tougher than I thought.

The anger the frustration shouldn’t be mine to bare but in a time when individuals must band together and bare the weight then we must

I carry the weight of frustration upon my broad emotional shoulders in this very moment.

It’s the demon of bearing burdens of sadness and frustration at the actions of one loved one towards another.

Nothing can be done to fix it besides perseverance through the time in hope karma will teach one a lesson of great value.

I feel for the other on the recieving end of this as they bare the anger sadness and dissapointment.

Please forgive me for allowing this demon to cling to me in this moment

Please forgive the one who’s actions have saddened another

Forgive myself for allowing this demon to cling to me

Peace love light

Andy. P


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