Why are we so judgemental

After seeing a couple of social media account posts and comments

It’s very clear that we are a society that is quick off the trigger with being judgemental about someone or something we have no facts on and rather than take due consideration for a fellow human being we become critical of them.

If you do not know the story or the facts then exercise some kindness there’s no need for harsh criticism or egotistical remarks or even insecure remarks as that person or situation has a background story you know nothing about, rather than be critical of them help them become a better person if you can for the love of god.

We are all human beings sharing the same experience on this earth why hate and why judge, at school you had no problem with studying to get your diploma. How about applying that in real life and finding the facts to get a diploma in life and compassion.

You are only hurting one another through judgement and lack of compassion.

Stop the judgment

Stop the hate

Start the compassion

Start the kindness

Practice mindfulness
Peace love light ✌❤🌞



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