A rant 

To be honest I spend more time alone than I do with Anyone else the only time I take off work is for school holidays rarely do I take any time off for me I have a selfish brother who has not lifted a finger to help or visit our dad but can spend it up for a trip to Melbourne I am sick to death of everything at the moment I sit in silence because its easier than voicing your opinion sometimes
I am sick to death of being the one that has to fight my way out of everything I am sick sick sick to fucken death the reason I don’t want to be selfish is because my brother is that he’s done the same to my mum I’m the son that gives and gives and gives
Whilst he just cruises on through everything using dad to get His first house  using mum when he wants
Out of everything seriously what the hell have I ever done wrong besides help people but when I helped myself it was wrong


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