Insight through experience

I often spend my time preaching “your not alone” or “it’s okay to talk” I didn’t realise how hard that all was until the last few days and my experience I lived through.

The old saying easier said than done definitely has logic to it, when your emotionally clouded it’s easy to feel like your alone or struggling to communicate what your feeling and in turn you stoop even to a lower emotional level because your mindfulness and awareness is clouded by the emotions your going through.

I don’t condone locking yourself away from the world but I will condone living the through these emotions without fighting them or you will proverbially dig a deeper hole for yourself.

The thing i learned was to Talk even if you are feeling alone, talk even if it doesn’t make sense it all helps but if you feel the need to be in isolation then do it be alone with your thoughts talk to yourself even.

Its often we preach and preach and preach in the name of mental health and these issues attached with it, but please remember unless you’ve really experienced these it’s not as easy with clouded emotions one may be experiencing and  there may be 7 billion people in the world which makes for 7 billion individual worlds too.

Peace love light ✌❤🌞


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