Soulmates and us

Recently watched what I would call a very profound and insightful movie called dear zindagi it relates to life love and relationships and our mental health towards all these correlates

Below is a dialogue from the movie about soul mates that really has now caught my attention and challenged me to think a little deeper

If there was such a thing like a perfect relationship.. one soul mate?
Why just ONE soul mate..
you can have a perfect Coffee soul mate with whom you enjoy having coffee,
you can have a perfect Gossip soul mate with whom you share the day’s gossip,
you can have a Musical soul mate with whom you share and enjoy the same taste in music..
you can have an Intellectual soul mate, with whom your intellect level matches and you can discuss ideas and thoughts easily..
you can have a romantic soul mate, with whom you share a romantic relationship.
Why put the burden of so many emotions on ONE relationship!
Peace love light

Andy. P


7 thoughts on “Soulmates and us

      1. Not many know but the quality of the company you keep does if you tried to fit all those into one partner and have the unrealistic expectations that they can fulfill that aren’t you going to be disappointed when it doesn’t meet those expectations? And their going to be mentally drained from trying to fulfill everything you need and desire?
        This is where a relationship breaks down because no matter what one does they will never meet the exceeding expectations of their partner

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      2. I believe one person can fulfill everything…but often ppl don’t know about it haha
        Expectations r the evil of any relationships tho. I kinda 50/50 agree with u now. Is it ok? :))


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