Me and my doctor

They say behind Evey great man is a great woman, well for me for this great man lies in my eyes a great doctor.

doctor tue hoang
I came to meet Dr hoang about 4 years ago or so when I was in search of a new gp, since I’ve been seeing him he’s been nothing short of compassionate, kind and very softly spoken person.

He’s seen me through my weight loss journey from the start and most recently the last 2 years he’s helped me get started on my journey to better mental health, now yes it’s his job but also it’s his passion which he is dedicated his life to and I have alot to thank for this amazing human being as he’s served his duties but also done it with great heart.

I just want to say thank you Dr hoang for being on the journeys I have taken on so far and bless your kind heart and compassionate approach to the medical profession.

Don’t forget how vital your doctor is to your way of life from the doctor that delivered you to the doctor that may treat you in your last days they are amazing people.

Peace love and light ✌❤🌟



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